Low Metrics? Most Medium Stats Are Irrelevant for Bloggers

Medium bloggers might use stats to convince you of their success, but that does not mean we should live by numbers.

Nick Elnor
3 min readSep 2, 2022


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Medium is randomly unforgiving to most of us

Low reader engagement. Nearly every blogger on Medium will face this problem during their writing journey. Hours of writing, grafting and polishing your best work lead to low read counts. You are ready to give up.

But hang on! Medium is rife with gurus that tell you how to write viral articles, optimize headlines, promote your work and get your read numbers (and income) up! If only listening to those prophets preaching their favourite method were the answer, we’d all be enjoying those stunning results, right?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t. Indeed not when you measure success by the number of reads or claps. Here, I will give three reasons why Medium Stats are deeply unhelpful when quantifying success. As a bonus for reading on, I will also give you three tips to help you keep going.

Unshackle yourself from Medium Metric prison

1- The number of reads does not define success. Success goes back to why you want to write in the first place. Do you write on Medium to get 100,000 claps? Why would you care about getting “only” a hundred? A single and thoughtful comment could be worth a million claps.

2- Medium metrics are nearly random. Per definition, and unless you start with a solid reader base, unexpected events determine the number of views your story will get. These days, curation and publishing in the bigger medium pubs are part of that mix.

Writing for publications and getting curated might increase your success rate, but it is not a given.

3- Numbers should not dictate how you feel about your work. If you participate in a stats rat race, you will create mental barriers. These imaginary obstructions make it nearly impossible to maintain a healthy mindset and keep at it. Avoid the Medium stats trap and evaluate your success based on joy, feedback, and growth.



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